HM004: 闲聊 with Cedric

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Today we take a break from habits and have a chat with my good friend and special guest, Cedric. You will get to hear our real experiences and thoughts about Covid 19 and how the entire episode have moulded one key part of our lives in Singapore – meetings with other people.

I’m grateful that he has agreed to appear on the podcast . So join us in our conversation and be a fly on the wall as we chat about life in post-covid 19 Singapore.

Today’s Guest

Cedric is an engineer working in Singapore.

You will learn

  • Where to learn Python from
  • Our meeting frequency before and after Covid-19
  • Physical meetings versus online meetings
  • Our experience with the different types of online meetings:
    • Award ceremonies
    • Weddings
    • Conferences
    • Cooking class
    • Fitness class
    • Cell group
    • Church Services
    • Karaoke sessions
    • Singing Classes
    • National Day Parade 




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