You got habits.

I got habits. Everyone’s got habits.

Be it good  or bad , let’s journey together to refine what’s there, amplifying the good and eradicating the bad. I get it, big hairy audacious goals are just that – big and scary . So let’s break them down into the smallest possible denominator so that we can work with them; our habits. Ready? Let’s do this.


Do not think about drinking Teh Siew Dai

Thinking about it already? Good. I love a rebel.Because rebels challenge the norm.They question the status quo.They do things no one else would think of doing.


Maybe you feel like starting something only to let your thoughts get in the way.

Maybe you just want to do life more effectively.

Or maybe… you are all of the above.


I totally get it




Life can feel overwhelming 

BUT it doesn’t need to be.

There can be:




Enter you

I didn’t create a multi-million dollar business. I eat chai png almost every chance I get. I occasionally get intense cravings for bubble tea. Essentially, I’m you, your typical working-class Singaporean. And I love my life. Until SG50 when I wanted to climb Kilimanjaro  with my friends.

My story

I was overweight and wanted to go up the highest free-standing mountain in the world. Almost overnight, I found my motivation.I cut down on delivering Macdonald’s. I started working out. I said my goodbyes to potatoes chips, fried chicken and on all sweet drinks.

It was incremental at first but it was obvious. The habits that I adopted day to day worked- even to this day. And I wanted to find out this is true for all areas of life.

I’m Dan. And I would love to help you create a life you love.

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