What is the Habit Mindset?

Let’s pause for a moment and notice what we do automatically without thinking and what’s really happening in our minds. Welcome to the Habit Mindset! Let’s optimise our habits and mindsets for a life that we will love.

Here’s what we can do together

Refine your thinking

Remove the automatic stories our brains tell to our selves when things happen to us and see things as they really are.

Optimise your habits

Deep dive into good habits, bad habits, habits you don’t even know you had. And more!

Get the life that you want

It’s time for a better you. Let’s create a life we will look back and say “Yes” to.

Change your habits, change your mindset, change your life

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HM020:The Habit Mindset Awards The Habit Mindset

The awards that no one asked for but I'm gonna to do anyway because it's fun (at least for me)! In this episode we will listen in the best bits of the Habit Mindset. If you are new here, consider this episode the creme la de creme , the piece de resistance of the Habit Mindset. Or maybe not. Just enjoy!Thank you for listening! If you like this episode please leave a like on the platform you are on. All show notes including links to resources can be found on http://www.thehabitmindset.com.And oh yes, the survey is at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8Z77TKM. It only takes 10 minutes and it will help me create better content for you!
  1. HM020:The Habit Mindset Awards
  2. HM019: A day of habits
  3. HM018: A few of our favourite things
  4. HM017: The Last Ten Years – A Birthday Epicsode
  5. HM016: Heart to heart with my sister.

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