HM026: My Miracle Morning

You’ve heard all about it in the last few episodes. Yes, it’s my personal morning routine which I established just this year. It sounds impossible but perfectible doable with the perfect setup – your sleep the night before.

What you’ll learn

  • The different kinds of morning routines I had
  • A day in the life
  • What to do to achieve your grandest goals in life and in work
  • What I do in my mornings before work with a kid
  • the 90/90/1 rule
  • the 60/10 rules
  • the 2WW
  • What I do to maximise my work day
  • How to read books with your little one with a challenge


Thank you

You rock for listening to this episode. Just sayin’ Now, go and try out for size some of the routines and tag thehabitmindset on instagram if you found any of the routines useful. You got this.

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I'm a Singaporean exploring the world one page at a time.

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