HM027: My Miracle Morning Setbacks

So you got yourself the morning routine pat down and it’s all fairies and butterflies after that right? The hardest part is just the getting up? Eh… not quite!  In this episode, I talk about some setbacks that I faced during my implementation. Hoping listening to this episode will prepare you to overcome some ofContinue reading “HM027: My Miracle Morning Setbacks”

HM026: My Miracle Morning

You’ve heard all about it in the last few episodes. Yes, it’s my personal morning routine which I established just this year. It sounds impossible but perfectible doable with the perfect setup – your sleep the night before. What you’ll learn The different kinds of morning routines I had A day in the life WhatContinue reading “HM026: My Miracle Morning”

HM025: The 5AM Morning Miracle Club

5AM. This is the time I’ve been getting up for the past 3-4 months. And it’s completely changed my life.  In this episode, I will talk about the books I’ve read and the lessons that I thought were worth sharing. Before you say you are not a morning person, There are some non-5AM ideas inContinue reading “HM025: The 5AM Morning Miracle Club”

HM021:Don’t set goals, set up systems

Welcome! This is the beginning of the year and I’m sure many of us will be setting out goals and resolutions for this year. Before you do that, I suggest you have a listen to this episode where we chat about: The common reasons goals don’t work What is a systems How to set upContinue reading “HM021:Don’t set goals, set up systems”

HM018 :My sister and I share our favourite things

Our Guest You heard her in a previous episode talking about our childhood memories; My sister’s back! What you will learn A list of our favourite: Stationary App on the phone All the various courses Clothing brand Shoes Tech purchase Netflix series/ movie Book Quote Self care routine Memory Song Thank you! You powered throughContinue reading “HM018 :My sister and I share our favourite things”