HM023: Getting fitter with Khairul

Our guest

Khairul is a long time friend of mine and recently when we met up to catch up, I noticed that he lost a lot of weight! Long story short, he found himself just on the brink of obesity during a health check up and decided to join a gym. He caught me up in his weight lost journey during that session but I think shed even more light in this podcast!

Definitely one of my favourite conversations to date. You will not want to miss this

What you will learn

  • How Khairul got started
  • Why you can look skinny and still be fat
  • Difference between a private gym and a public gym
  • Why Khairul was afraid of his trainer at first
  • Joining a gym without any gym experience
  • How to eat using macros (carbo, protein, fats) visually
  • What to eat when you eat out
  • Why you need a food weighing scale
  • When you need to weigh your food – before or after cooking?
  • What Khairul eats for lunch and dinner
  • The 4 meals a day you need to eat
  • The theory of weight loss and why sometimes you need calorie surplus
  • Why you need a body composition test


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