HM017:The Last Ten Years-A Birthday Epicsode

Today, we will deep dive into the lessons of my past 10 years , the story of my lowest moments and high of the successes and how I got there. Most of all, we get a peek under the kimono of what makes me, well, me. If you are ready, let’s roll up those sleevesContinue reading “HM017:The Last Ten Years-A Birthday Epicsode”

HM016: Heart to heart with my sister

Our Guest Today’s guest is none other than my sister who kindly agreed to come onto the podcast! We haven’t connected with each other for the longest time because we are now living in different homes. Emma, my new born also makes a guest appearance, albeit, not arranged. What you will learn Our childhood ambitionsContinue reading “HM016: Heart to heart with my sister”

HM013: Reggie talks about Financial Mindsets

Our guest Reggie is from The Financial Coconut podcast and I often listen to him during my runs , picking episodes that apply to me. He is very much grounded in Singapore and shares his stories and lessons about personal finance from that perspective. Chatting with him was a dream come true so let’s diveContinue reading “HM013: Reggie talks about Financial Mindsets”

HM012: Interview with a habit coach Leigh

Our guest Our guest today is Leigh Haugseth who is a health consultant and an upcoming entrepreneur for products for health coaches and hence getting her on The Habit Mindset was a no-brainer. Apologies for pronouncing her name incorrectly from the get-go it is pronounced as “Lee” as I found out during the podcast. Regardless,Continue reading “HM012: Interview with a habit coach Leigh”

HM010: Light up with Daniel

Our guest today Today’s special guest is someone I’ve credited with being the one that gave me the final push to go into podcasting. He hosts his podcast , the LITO podcast together with Rebecca Toh and they gave me something to look forward to every week – with episodes on money stories, the meaningContinue reading “HM010: Light up with Daniel”

HM009:Mindfulness with MindFi featuring Bjorn Lee

Our Guest Our Guest today is Bjorn Lee who is the founder and CEO of MindFi – a mindfulness mobile app that I’ve been using for some time. I first met Bjorn when he requested some feedback for the app and met him again at a mindfulness conference speaking about Mindfulness. To me mindfulness isContinue reading “HM009:Mindfulness with MindFi featuring Bjorn Lee”

HM008: Towards a Zero Waste Singapore

Our Guest Kay is a Project Executive at Zero Waste SG. Born in Singapore and raised across several cities and with a background in legal studies, she is passionate about sustainability and a more conscious lifestyle. Since joining the Organisation in 2019, she has spoken at various corporate and school events on a wide array of topics,Continue reading “HM008: Towards a Zero Waste Singapore”