HM009:Mindfulness with MindFi featuring Bjorn Lee

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Our Guest

Our Guest today is Bjorn Lee who is the founder and CEO of MindFi – a mindfulness mobile app that I’ve been using for some time. I first met Bjorn when he requested some feedback for the app and met him again at a mindfulness conference speaking about Mindfulness.

To me mindfulness is one of the more important habits to cultivate in this day and age where everything seem to be so instant. In fact, sometimes I feel like everything is moving too fast for me to catch up. So listen in and I’m sure you will walk away from the podcast having learnt a thing or two about mindfulness that it indeed is a habit that is worth cultivating.

What you will learn

  • How MindFi started
  • My hack for doing mindfulness everyday
  • How mindfulness helped in my journey
  • How Bjorn keeps up his habit of mindfulness
  • Reconciling meditation with religion/agnosticism
  • Improvements before and after meditation


The greater good science centre

Sam Harris: mindfulness app / podcast

Tim Ferriss podcast

Altered traits

Telomere effect

Thank you!

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