HM008: Towards a Zero Waste Singapore

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Our Guest

Kay 1

Kay is a Project Executive at Zero Waste SG. Born in Singapore and raised across several cities and with a background in legal studies, she is passionate about sustainability and a more conscious lifestyle. Since joining the Organisation in 2019, she has spoken at various corporate and school events on a wide array of topics, and hosts ZWSG’s #LetsChat Live Series. She strongly resonates with the interconnectedness of systems and people, and is looking forward to educating and enlightening those around her and empowering them to act. 

What you’ll learn

  • The origin story of Zero Waste Singapore
  • The evolution in Zero Waste Singapore from a website to being a Non-Governmental Organisation(NGO) and a charity
  • The different campaigns that Zero Waste Singapore is involved in
  • Mindset shifts before circuit breaker and phase 2
  • Misconceptions of sustainability
  • What are the invisible costs of building another landfill
  • The challenges of changing consumer mindset and behaviours
  • 4 Simple habits we can take to go toward Zero Waste
  • First steps to take on the sustainability journey
  • What is wet and dry waste and what we can do about them


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