HM010: Light up with Daniel

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Our guest today

Today’s special guest is someone I’ve credited with being the one that gave me the final push to go into podcasting. He hosts his podcast , the LITO podcast together with Rebecca Toh and they gave me something to look forward to every week – with episodes on money stories, the meaning of life etc.

So who better to invite than Daniel on this very special episode. Listen in as we discuss some ways that you can remake your thinking.

What you will learn

  • What Daniel does
  • The origin of LITO podcast
  • The values behind the LITO podcast
  • How Daniel came to be a coach
  • Why Daniel shares the warts, the challenges and the nasty bits
  • Covid 19 and the new normal
  • How to deal with the new normal
  • Why you should save resilience in your mental bank
  • How to navigate the impermanance of life
  • What Daniel does for his own radical self care routine
  • The thinking retreat and how Daniel does it
  • Why you should be mindful of your energy levels
  • Common mindset challenges
  • What we can do to overcome these challenges


Thank you!

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