HM011:Songs of our childhood

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Our guest

Our guest today is someone really special and it’s my wife! Together we discuss the songs that defined our childhood and talk about the stories that these songs remind us of. So if you are an 80s kid like us, you may find some of the songs familiar. =)

What you will learn

Songs that defined our childhood!

  • Hero by Mariah Carey
  • Quit Playing Games (with my heart) by the Backstreet Boys
  • 情人 by Alex Toh
  • That Thing You Do! by The Wonders
  • My Love by Westlife
  • 风筝 by Stefanie Sun
  • Change the world by V6
  • Amazed by Lonestar
  • Whole Again by Atomic Kittens
  • Scotland the Brave


We have compiled a Spotify playlist of all the songs in this episode. We hope you enjoy them and related songs that may play as well.

Thank you!

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