HM012: Interview with a habit coach Leigh

Our guest

Our guest today is Leigh Haugseth who is a health consultant and an upcoming entrepreneur for products for health coaches and hence getting her on The Habit Mindset was a no-brainer. Apologies for pronouncing her name incorrectly from the get-go it is pronounced as “Lee” as I found out during the podcast.

Regardless, this episode is perfect for the new year – some tips on creating better resolutions and more. So if you like me are a planner but fall off the wagon sometimes, this episode is for you. Let’s cue the intro.

What you will learn

  • How Leigh came into coaching
  • A framework to look at Behaviour Design – the tiny habits method
  • Leigh’s book recommendations
  • Tips to making better resolutions
  • BJ Fogg’s first law of behaviour design
  • What a motivation wave is and how it relates to resolutions
  • How behaviour design can help us through the corona virus
  • What a anchor habit is
  • How to ensure you don’t commit to too much at once
  • Some random plant talk =)


Thank you!

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