HM013: Reggie talks about Financial Mindsets

Our guest

Reggie is from The Financial Coconut podcast and I often listen to him during my runs , picking episodes that apply to me. He is very much grounded in Singapore and shares his stories and lessons about personal finance from that perspective. Chatting with him was a dream come true so let’s dive into the content!

What you will learn

  • How The Financial Coconut came about
  • The intricacies of producing an engaging podcast
  • What FIRE stands for
  • The problems with the concept of FIRE lifestyle
  • How to think about early retirement
  • Why you live in the suburbs
  • Why you shouldn’t sensationalise FIRE
  • How we can use our habits to ignite our financial journey
  • The 2 financial mindset shifts we can all use
  • How we can think about remote work and global competition
  • The origin of some of our habits
  • The emotions that comes with finances
  • How we can utilise our emotions to help with our habits
  • How to understand our habits
  • Practices that Reggie recommends to his listeners


  • The Financial Coconut website
  • The Financial Coconut
  • Chill With TFC
  • Coconut Avenue
  • Finding Your Hedge
  • 3 reasons why people go bankrupt in the stock market

Thank you!

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