HM017:The Last Ten Years-A Birthday Epicsode

Today, we will deep dive into the lessons of my past 10 years , the story of my lowest moments and high of the successes and how I got there. Most of all, we get a peek under the kimono of what makes me, well, me. If you are ready, let’s roll up those sleeves because this is going to be a good one!

What You Will Learn

The lessons of my past 10 years distilled into a podcast including

  • The value of money
  • Losing someone
  • The value of a trusted circle of friends
  • Letting people go
  • Trying out something new
  • Fitness
  • Letting go of events
  • Controlling my emotions (understanding myself)
  • Unlearning previous money beliefs
  • Understanding the mind-muscle connection


Thank you

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I'm a Singaporean exploring the world one page at a time.

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