HM007: Making sustainability accessible with Jo

Today’s Guest Joline is founder of The Sustainability Project. What you’ll learn The origins of The Sustainability Project The evolution of The Sustainability Project from a blog How Covid 19 has impacted event offered How The Sustainability Project collaborated with Package Pals Challenges of The Sustainability Project What differentiates The Sustainability Project from other onlineContinue reading “HM007: Making sustainability accessible with Jo”

HM003: Can Habits Change My Life?

What you will learn What is the slight edge Why mastering the mundane is so difficult Why the quantum leap is false The secret of happiness Why you should invest in yourself What the 7 productive habits of attitude and behaviour are Where you should go from here Resources The slight edge Thank you! PleaseContinue reading “HM003: Can Habits Change My Life?”

HM001: Welcome to the Habit Mindset!

Let me bring you on a journey to improve your habits so that you can create the life you want. I’m on a mission to interview Singaporeans who have been there and done that  so that we can discover how we can use our habits to optimise your health, increase your health and productivity. IContinue reading “HM001: Welcome to the Habit Mindset!”