HM001: Welcome to the Habit Mindset!

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Let me bring you on a journey to improve your habits so that you can create the life you want. I’m on a mission to interview Singaporeans who have been there and done that  so that we can discover how we can use our habits to optimise your health, increase your health and productivity.

I hope you enjoyed my first episode as I talk about what this podcast is about, who it is for and why I decided to create it. I even throw in a quick habit in there for you to try!

You’ll learn

  • why I started the podcast
  • what the podcast is about and who the podcast is for
  • who am I
  • my journey into understanding habits and how it led to my weight loss
  • a quick win


LITO podcast by Daniel & Rebecca

Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn

Celebrating SG50 in Kilimanjaro

What should my daily calorie intake be?



Learn to Program:The Fundamentals

Thank you!

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Consider also checking out episode 2 and 3 as well!

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